Principal: Maciej M. Mycielski

Architect, urban designer. Born in Kraków, studied architecture at KU Leuven (Belgium), La Sapienza in Rome (Italy) and urban planning at Warsaw University of Technology.

Worked as urban designer and project manager at the office of Duany Plater Zyberk & Co (1994-1997)  in Miami, Florida, and has remained a regular DPZ charrette team member in planning projects in China, Germany, Egypt, Romania, as well for the Heulebrug project in Belgium, which received the Prix Rotthier 2008 for the best new garden city in Europe.

Founded Werkgroep Stedenbouw in 1997 in Ghent, Belgium, for Matexi NV, a Belgian developer. Designed and project managed over 70 residential projects. Introduced the charrette methodology in Belgium in 1998, and has since then coordinated over 30 urban design charrettes/workshops on neighborhood-sized planning projects.


Karolina Mycielska, Daniel Piotrowski, Eryk Nowak, Małgorzata Saciuk, Jan Świątczak, Joanna Pętkowska, Max von Trott zu Solz, Peter Berenz, Duane Philips, Dominika Jędrzejczak, Michał Suffczyński

Partner firms:

JKO Consulting, DPZ-Europe, von Trott zu Solz Architekturburo, Nelson Consulting Group