Mycielski Architecture & Urbanism – MAU – is a professional consultancy and design studio with over sixteen years of urban planning, urban design and architectural design experience in the fields of New Urbanism and sustainable development. Maciej Mycielski has been an urban designer and project manager with the firm of Duany Plater Zyberk & Co, the founders of the New Urbanism, and has subsequently made its own mark assisting development agencies in Belgium, Poland and throughout Europe in over 100 projects since 1997.

Thorugh these projects, MAU has developed a body of knowledge and practical understanding of the basic tenets od sustainable urbanism. Our projects are embedded in local context and their genius loci, marked by enhanced economic potential and flexibility of use, and mediated with the local community. We follow design principles as described in the Charter of the New Urbanism and the Charter of Stockholm, its European equivalent.

MAU is member of the Council for European Urbanism, INTBAU, and the Polish Society of Town Planners. We provide services in collaboration with professionals in real estate development, urbanism, architecture, conservation, landscape, market analysis, finance, law and administration. The firm’s local network of collaborators is extensive and can be tailored to fit the needs of any planning project.

We offer services in Polish, English, French, Dutch and German.